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In " The Producer ", a episode of Gilligan's IslandPolonius' "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" speech is performed satirically, first by series regular Alan Hale Jr.

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Through these effects of speech, it is possible to check both the strategies used to dissimulate Polonius's real intentions and his acknowledgement that, if conveniently operated, he can benefit from the theatrical manipulation of the world. However, what does it mean? In Gertrude and Claudius, Updike even clarifies the profile of the royal counselor as floating and dependent on someone else's mirror. King Claudius tries to have Hamlet drink the poisoned wine, but Hamlet is too level-headed to drink while fencing. Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash Count the bodies. Pin It. Apparently in this novel, Polonius reinforces the concept that not only does power make floating and unstable identities possible in hierarchical spaces, but it also allows the understanding that the foci of social dispute are particular, specific and negotiable scenarios. He later suspects that Ophelia's rejection of Hamlet's attention has caused the prince to lose his wits, and informs Gertrude and Claudius of his suspicion, claiming that his reason for commanding Ophelia to reject Hamlet was that the prince was above her station. Have you eyes? More than this, the scholar defines Polonius's character as clumsy and unpleasant, as the nosy informer of the king , p. But I think my stake, measured in years of royal favor remaining, is small and dwindling.

Ophelia greets him, and offers to return his remembrances, upon which Hamlet questions her honesty and tells her to "get thee to a nunnery.

They start their match. The Bow and the Lyre.

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We can learn from all types of men. Such understanding of the world transforms the counselor from a cruel person into a victim of Hamlet's performative and irregular theatricality - derived, in part, from the irony of Yorick, the clown. Instead of merely reproducing the relations of domination, it moves them, displacing them and allowing the displacement of those that integrate it. For Lord Hamlet, believe so much in him, that he is young and with a larger tether may he walk than may be given you: in few, Ophelia, do not believe his vows; for they are brokers, not of that dye which their investments show, but mere implorators of unholy suits, breathing like sanctified and pious bawds, the better to beguile. Nevertheless, he indicates a non-duty to his daughter Ophelia and places himself against a will with another stronger will. In other words, similar to the previous king, he was murdered and his death incites his son Laertes to revenge his death - a revenge circle. Updike's interpretation of the counselor ends up being, in fact, a complete update of the concept of power according to Foucault's perspective.

He preaches, first of all, to himself. In Shakespeare's tragedy, as the counselor heedlessly admits the changeable and accidental nature of the personality of the other, Polonius's behavioral mechanism also suffers unforeseen setbacks when he comes across Prince Hamlet's speeches.

It did not just talk him out of taking an umbrella on a day when it would rain. To be sincere, then insincere, and then sincere in his insincerity-such shifts fascinate him.

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“To thine own self be true.” But which self, Hamlet?