Under the lions paw

I know all about young ones, though I'm all alone now. As day passed, the snow, ceasing to melt, lay along the ploughed land, and lodged in the depth of the stubble, till on each slow round the last furrow stood out black and shining as jet between the ploughed land and the gray stubble.

Sitting bent and cold but cheery under his slouch hat, he talked encouragingly to his four-in-hand. Could that "enemy" represent the hardships of winter that had just started to set in? I never saw "; " They include good and bad people instead of just people.

According to the author the real forces of evil in under the lions paw are

More'n that: you agreed you promised that I could buy or rent at the end of three years at-- " "That's all right. But all the while I couldn't help thinkin' of all that land back here that nobuddy was usin' that I ought 'o had 'stead o' bein' out there in that cussed country. I've dug a new well, and I-- " "Yes, yes, I see. But I didn't say I'd let you carry off the improvements, nor that I'd go on renting the farm at two-fifty. Ploughin' ain't half done. You jest keep quiet, I'll fix 'im. Just look at it. Poor Higley, after working himself nearly to death on it in the attempt to lift the mortgage, had gone off to Dakota, leaving the farm and his curse to Butler. Is it the ultimate fulfilment we all need to keep us going? Haskins and his family have lost everything that he worked so hard in creating.

Haskins worked like a fiend, and his wife, like the heroic woman that she was, bore also uncomplainingly the most terrible burdens. Haskins was in the midst of the terrible toil of the last year.

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Stephen Council's good Samaritanism immediately reveals itself, as will repeatedly happen throughout -- "Drive right in. Whatever it really represents, it certainly seems like a sign of the uneasy, hard, and toilsome times that once again lie ahead for these farmers.

None o' y'r tantrums, Kittie.

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Under the Lion's Paw