The benefits of diversity in the workforce and its effects on management and employees essay

There is an importance of having diverse workforce to provide better performance. Companies must now ask themselves what they can do to increase the number of customers for which they serve while determining the needs of these customers.

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Because of these technologies, there is a continuing necessity for companies to address the needs of a very diverse market so that they can be competitive.

Then comes the foreign employee. Trying to be a lefty was quite challenging for me.

Importance of diversity in the workplace

Diversity is about characteristics and demographics that differ from person to person and how they affect human behavior. And it is becoming more important for the organizations to know about these differences and how to manage it. Actively pursuing workplace diversity assists employers to address talent shortages and improve organization effectiveness and productivity by hiring right talent people to fit their needs. Diversity includes all the ways in which people differ, and it encompasses all the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. There is so much diversity in the world today so it is a benefit to experience it in the workplace as well. Diversity can be defined in numerous ways. For the first time in U.

I believe it is important for Managers to value the diversity in the workplace by recognizing their workplace composition, and the cross-culture differences and similarities. How can one know all the ways to manage such a diverse group of employees.

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Management will have to become effective in communication Related Documents Managing Diversity in the Workplace Essay are instances, however, when workplace behavior can get out of hand and be inappropriate, causing a rift between employees. This calls for acceptance of differences which are, in essence, the elements of diversity. Diversity is also the common issue in the workforce environment, in some companies employees often get discriminated or misunderstood because of the diverse features. Not only are people coming from different ethnicities, we are also experiencing a great influx of workers from nations all across the globe Examples of differences include nationality, belief, disabilities, physical appearance, race, gender, age, educational background, sexual orientation, and work experience, social and family status. The purpose to having a diverse workplace is to expand the knowledge and experience of all that are within that company. Allowing individuals to be equal at work and strive to their full potential. When we talk about workforce diversity, there will be threats and opportunity to a firm Changes in the cultural make-up of organizations have been so vast that it has become imperative for leaders and supervisors to understand cultural diversity and how it can affect their organization Diversity means differences due to race, gender, ethnic groups, age, personality, tenure, organizational function, educational background, etc. A company must value diversity. Today, corporate structures are involved in globalizing. As companies are becoming more diverse, it is becoming more important for them to understand and manage that diversity. Women, who currently make up less than half the work force, are expected to fill 65 percent of the jobs created during this decade.

These older employees have retained and found employment for differing and various reasons.

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