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There seems also to be an intimation of a future deliverance out of Babylon, in the fact that " willows of the brook" were to be intertwined with other trees to form these booths. As the goats grow older, however, their hair becomes thicker and less valuable. The remainder of the victim became the portion of the priest. In Num. Which I believe is something that is far too common today. Will he make a covenant with thee? But this note of victory over evil was ever present too; there were no hours of discouragement or repining. After having disclosed the evil in all its blackness, and having denounced it with unsparing faithfulness, He goes to Calvary and bears the punishment which is its due. And though still toiling in the wilderness, he can say, "we which have believed do enter into rest. One of the six goats' hair curtains. So God has put His limit upon man's day, and will triumph over him when he reaches his highest point.

And in Zechariah, speaking of the prophets, it was said, "Neither shall they wear a rough garment [margin, garment of hair] to deceive" Zech. Behind it is the valuable material on a cashmere goat.

goats hair tabernacle

This is also in accord with the garment of the prophet being of goats' hair. Parasites Red and Blue Lice In trial by Brown, van der Linde, Fourie and Horak lice adversely affected both the quantity and quality of mohair produced. The dark color of these tents is suggested in the words of the bride in the Song of Solomon: "I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon" Cant.

What precious themes are these! The sacrificial goat was designated to present the sins of the people, and it was slain to pay for the sins of the people. Can we shrink from the hand which was pierced for our sins? Thus the goats' hair was evidently dark or black.

Affected goats generally lose hair in circular patches on the neck, ears and face, and itch constantly. He had spoken for and from God. Two other breadths of the second goats' hair curtain may have allusion to these sin-offerings, presented on the day of consecrations, and on the dedication of the altar.

Goats are valuable not just for their milk and meat. Five is the number of responsibility, as we have already seen, and appropriately used in connection with our Lord's taking full responsibility in showing to man his sin.

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