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This is why the Dominican Republic is also known as the place of the Endless Summer. It is also the second-largest island in the Caribbean.

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Actually, he founded the island accidentally , naming it Hispaniola. Worksheets Dominican Republic Facts for Kids The earth is a fascinating place where you can find beaches and mountains, deserts and and rainforests. Learn more about this beautiful island with these 40 interesting Dominican Republic facts. The weather in the Dominican Republic remains warm and sunny through the majority of the year. The heaviest precipitation is in the mountainous northeast the windward side of the island , where the average annual rainfall is more than inches 2, mm. For this reason, the climate of D. A large group of people from the Dominican Republic live in the U.

Caribbean Sunset, Bavaro. Source: dr1.

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In Spanish rule was overthrown, but in the colony was reconquered by the Haitians. The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world to have an image of the Holy Bible on its national flag.

A famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta was from the Dominican Republic. Challenge The Gravity Here In the southern Dominican Republic, there is a town named, Polo, which is known for its green mountains and coffee production. Wondering which one is the largest? People of the island nation prefer living in joint families.

There is a cathedral in the Dominican Republic that is believed to be the oldest one in the Americas. Not only for its beaches, the Dominican Republic is also famous for its pleasant climate, Spanish Art and Architecture and welcomes tourists all year round.

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Dominican Republic