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He also visited the Getae, a tribe living north of the Lower Danubeand wrote a history about them, which is now lost. Best known is the Euboicus, depicting country life on the island of Euboeaan important document for social and economic history.

The rest of his life is unknown. In the passage just referred to n.

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There were three types of oratory: juridical speeches is the act we are talking about lawful? It has been plausibly suggested that controversy was sparked off by the ambiguities of the scheme which originated as a private gesture of munificence, but developed into a public enterprise supported by subscription, with Dio acting as Epimeletes Under Emperor Nerva's reign, his exile was ended, and he was able to return home to Prusa. The Bithynian Politician The fundamental work on the chronology of the Bithynian speeches remains that of von Arnim. He spent lavishly in his city, which also used him as an ambassador: Dio was sent to Nerva to express the city's gratitude 98 , but when it arrived in Rome, the emperor was dead, and the embassy went to the north, perhaps even to the Rhineland , where it met Nerva's successor Trajan and congratulated him. If this was in fact the first time he had actually held the office, the ironical reference to an inexperienced Archon at the end of the speech would have been a highly effective witticism very typical of Dio Oeuvre Like every rich Greek or Roman, young Dio was trained as a rhetorician: it was imperative for everyone embarking upon a public career to be able to speak in public. At the same time a rumour was spread that Trajan had shown greater favour to Smyrna in order to exploit the more usual sentiment of patriotic amour propre.

Trois discours aux villes Orr. The lawsuit offered him an opportunity to show that he was the boss. Of course the normal policy would have been to punish the accuser with a fine, because he had filed a frivolous charge. The new ruler appears to have liked the man from Prusa, who accompanied him to the Danube when the war against the Dacians was renewed in He seems to be being forced on to the defensive in playing down his contacts with the authorities and rebutting the charge of exploiting his Roman contacts for his own ends Charges brought by Dio's rivals of interfering with sacred property could have provided an excuse for invoking the Governor's authority Trajan had sent Pliny with a special mandate more He appears to have traveled widely - although not necessarily as an exile.

Dio was banished in 82 ce for political reasons from both Bithynia and Italy.

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