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The corporate global citizenship agenda is based on the importance to its business, the technology industry and society.

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Both families focus on education, the tool to have a good living and the ability to support our own selves. Retrieved March 24,from HP Inc.

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Noren, Properly applied, a business model can serve as a context for strategic business planning. HP is adopting its sustainability strategy to gain real revenue growth through four approaches: winning new businesses and retaining the existing ones, expanding the company distribution in Europe, charging a premiu m price for energy efficient products and entering new markets.

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This aim to minimize parts inventories by requiring suppliers to restock parts only as they are needed, and often to maintain ownership of parts until they are used. Currently there are more than 1, 09, employees in this organization.

Dell controls its supply chain, which makes it easier to build a co mputer to a customer's specification.

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Since , HP has started to work with Sustainability to develop engagement strategies, obtain and analyzing stakeholder inputs and develop competitive assessments and environmental strategies. Differentiat ion strategy involves making the product or service the firm providing different and unique from this offer by its competitors. There are many ways to classify business models based on their purpose and function. I quickly become absorbed in these dramas. Prentice hall. Michael Dell started trading the belief that by selling personal computer systems directly to customers, PC's could better understand customers' needs and provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. Financial Times Prentice Hall. On a broader scale, researchers say, it might be useful in business schools for students preparing to work in East-West trade, to help clarify culture gaps. Fu rther, the model involves choices e. Innovation considers the key culture and one of its competitive advantages. Dell follows the late mover strategy. In at least two ways, the related linked diversification strategy can help Dell create value. The two shows are very similar in some aspects. Buyer bargaining power, on the other hand, is high.
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