An analysis of the theme of illusion in the glass menagerie by tennessee williams

The glass menagerie as a memory play essay

By nightfall he often finds refuge from his mother's constant berating in the Other Popular Essays. Each character retreats to their separate world to escape the cruelties of life. She goes into a frenzy as she makes a huge ordeal over Jim's soon expected arrival, and makes Laura terribly nervous in the process. The small, dingy apartment creates a desperate, monotonous feeling in the reader. Clearly, Tom views his life with his family and at the warehouse as a kind of coffin—cramped, suffocating, and morbid—in which he is unfairly confined. Amanda's dreams are desperate attempts to escape the sadness of her present, and as such they become self-delusions, blinding her to reality and to the desires of her children. One of the recurring symbols, apparent throughout the play, is that of the "glass menagerie" - symbolic of Laura herself. None of the Wingfields has any desire to stay in the apartment, but their lack of finances makes it impossible to move The Impossibility of True Escape At the beginning of Scene Four, Tom regales Laura with an account of a magic show in which the magician managed to escape from a nailed-up coffin. She insists that Tom will fulfill her vision of him as the successful businessman. She refuses to let Laura refer to herself as crippled Laura is the owner and caretaker of the glass menagerie. In my opinion, the so-called illusions help the main characters escape unpleasant reality.

In her attempts to gain a grasp on both worlds and make her dreams happen Amanda fails to acknowledge that Laura is rather unusual. Forensic detective and expert Michael Baden reviewed the medical files in regard to Williams's death, and stated that the results showed that Williams died of a drug and alcohol overdose, not from choking.

The glass menagerie illusion vs reality

While considering such complex psychological situation, it becomes evident that psychological loss of space seems to be one of the key problems the author highlights in his play. None of the Wingfields has any desire to stay in the apartment, but their lack of finances makes it impossible to move Each member of the Wingfield family is unable to overcome this difficulty, and each, as a result, withdraws into a private world of illusion where he or she finds the comfort and meaning that the real world does not seem to offer. The creator can cloak his or her true story in unlimited layers of melodrama and unlikely metaphor while still remaining confident of its substance and reality. The Glass Menagerie is narrated by Tom Wingfield and tells the story of how he came to leave his mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura. There are four main characters, we have Tom Wingfield whom is the narrator of the play. Escape Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Glass Menagerie, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Williams' use of music, lighting and a television screen add depth and meaning to the play. The father is the most successful in his escape because he never has to deal with anything at home.

The outside world is just as susceptible to illusion as the Wingfields. In the memory play, The Glass Menagerie, two contradicting themes display their significance. Cornelius was an alcoholic, always away from home; Tennessee and Cornelius did not have a strong relationship, "By the late s The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams words - 6 pages gentleman caller.

Again, Williams has show his ideas regarding illusion and reality via the characteristics and actions of Tom. The symbolic nature of the motifs hidden within the lines of this play provides meaning to the theme found consistent throughout the play: Individuals are all alone in the world.

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

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Let's see if we can help you! She refuses to refer to Laura as crippled; she merely refers to Laura's handicap as a minor "defect. It represents their lives, personality, emotions, and other important characteristics.

One cannot say for certain that leaving home even means true escape for Tom.

why is the glass menagerie called a memory play

However, next she completely falls back into illusion when talking about Laura's gentleman caller. Tom resided in a small tenement with his older, slightly crippled sister, Laura and his overbearing, audacious mother, Amanda.

Moreover, the author showed us that the so-called survival mechanisms family decided to rely on were transformed into destructive power.

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Illusion vs. Reality in The Glass Menagerie Essay