An analysis of the plot of much ado about nothing a play by william shakespeare

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However, the audience can tell almost immediately that they don't entirely believe their own disclaimers. The discovery of the plot against Hero has been already partly made, though not by the persons interested; and the poet has contrived, by means of the blundering simplicity of a couple of constables and watchmen, to convert the arrest and examination of the guilty individuals into scenes full of the most delightful amusement. It is hard to believe that it is the same Beatrice we encounter, who, when her cousin's wedding "looks not like a nuptial," and poor innocent Hero is deserted by her lover and father, alone has the courage to say-- Oh! Beatrice asks Benedick to kill Claudio to avenge the shame he has brought on her family. The mode in which the innocent Hero before the altar at the moment of the wedding, and in the presence of her family and many witnesses, is put to shame by the most degrading charge, false indeed, yet clothed with every appearance of truth, is a grand piece of theatrical effect in the true and justifiable sense. One of John's men enacts a scene at Hero's window in which a woman who appears to be Hero succumbs to the amorous attentions of a man other than Claudio. Claudio instantly falls in love with Hero, and Beatrice is reunited with her old flame, Benedick—the man she loves to hate. Exposed Stop reading now if you don't want to know the ending The foolish constable Dogberry and his watchmen overhear Borachio boasting of his exploit and the plot is exposed. John further arranges for Claudio and Don Pedro to observe this scene. At first disbelieving, Claudio eventually agrees to go with Don John and see for himself. Why does she show no resentment against her cousin for this cruel representation? When he asks, "Would you have me speak after my custom as being a professed tyrant to the sex?

The character of Beatrice cannot be properly understood, except in connection with the injuries done to Hero, and it is in this relation that she appears in her real character and no longer under a mask.

Once the wedding party disbands, the Friar becomes suspicious and convinces Leonato, Beatrice, and Benedick to pretend that Hero died from shock until they discover who has slandered her—Benedick immediately suspects Don John.

An analysis of the plot of much ado about nothing a play by william shakespeare

The wedding is ruined and Hero faints. This play was also acted under the title of Benedick and Beatrice; for these characters absorb most of the acting interest.

Beatrice asks Benedick to kill Claudio to avenge the shame he has brought on her family.

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Leonato tells Claudio that, as punishment, he wants Claudio to tell everybody in the city how innocent Hero was. Beatrice demands that Benedick should kill Claudio.

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The plot Meanwhile Don John, the prince's misanthropic illegitimate brother, contrives a more malicious plot with the assistance of his follower Borachio: Claudio is led to believe that he has witnessed Hero in a compromising situation on the night before her wedding day — in fact it is her maid Margaret with Borachio.

Claudio realizes that he was tricked by Don John and tries to apologize to Leonato. One story follows the formal, romantic relationship between Leonato's daughter, Hero a young womanand Claudio a young officer : Claudio realizes, after returning from war, that he is deeply in love with Hero and wants to ask her father for permission to marry her.

As the play begins, Leonato prepares to welcome some friends home from a war.

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The extraordinary success of this play in Shakespeare's own time, and long afterward, is, however, to be ascribed more particularly to the parts of Benedick and Beatrice, two fun-loving cynics, who incessantly attack each other with all the resources of raillery. The variations in the text are, however, extremely light, the folio being evidently printed from a playhouse copy. This is exceedingly well imagined; the lovers of jesting must fix a point beyond which they are not to indulge their humor, if they would not be mistaken for buffoons by trade. In the meantime, Dogberry a comically bumbling constable and his men on night watch stumble on the conspiracy against Don Pedro and arrest John's men, who confess their guilt under questioning. The others plot to make them fall in love with each other, by a trick in which Benedick will overhear his friends talking of Beatrice's supposed secret love for him, and vice versa. Scene 4: At the wedding, Claudio is amazed when Hero is revealed to be alive and as virtuous as ever. The joyful lovers all have a merry dance before they celebrate their double wedding.

Don John is sullen and bitter, and makes trouble for the others.

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Much Ado About Nothing