An analysis of chaucers most popular work

Caxton's edition was reprinted by his successor, Wynkyn de Wordebut this edition has no independent authority. On this situation, Chaucer was the witness of political, social, and moral change, and soon the language in England in that time, England become the land of not just one language,but three are English as the tongue language, street and speech language; French brought by the touries from France become nobility, fashionable language; Latin the language of learning, language of the university, the Church, and the law.

Significance of the Research The result of the research is expected to give information to everyone about the feminism in the poem and encourage others in exploring more others poems.

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The analysis of feminism towards literary works should explore the real differences between the language of either woman or man writer that can be influenced by the culture. And that, all his works almost, if they be thoroughly advised, will testify albeit done in mirth, and covertly ; and especially the latter end of his third book of the Testament of Love … Wherein, except a man be altogether blind, he may espy him at the full: although in the same book as in all others he useth to dounder shadows covertly, as under a visor, he suborneth truth in such sort, as both privily she may profit the godly-minded, and yet not be espied of the crafty adversary.

This story tells us the pilgrimage from London to Canterbury; a Cathedral in England.

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In this section, the writer will divide the research objective into: 1. Moreouer we find it thus in Record. Speght is also the source of the famous tale of Chaucer being fined for beating a Franciscan friar in Fleet Street , as well as a fictitious coat of arms and family tree. Its entry was surely facilitated by Thynne's inclusion of Thomas Usk 's Testament of Love in the first edition. The figure of man become the authority, and the woman become the second class. Etimologically, this word consist of two main syllables those are prose and poetry. This unit is a prose poem, which is a poem in a prose. It has rhythm, rhyme, repetition, assonance, consonance, and imagery. Women known as diamond, pearl, flower that is men should have and soon is already become the subject that is colouring the terms of our literature. In his edition, Foxe "thought it not out of season … to couple … some mention of Geoffrey Chaucer" with a discussion of John Colet , a possible source for John Skelton 's character Colin Clout. Hermeneutic Hermeneutic is the way of reading literary work totality and intends to make interpretation.

And therefore the bishops, belike, taking his works but for jests and toys, in condemning other books, yet permitted his books to be read. The official Chaucer of the early printed volumes of his Works was construed as a proto-Protestant as the same was done, concurrently, with William Langland and Piers Plowman.

The writer reads selected verses of the poems to identify what kinds of figurative language and diction used.

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List of works[ edit ] The following major works are in rough chronological order but scholars still debate the dating of most of Chaucer's output and works made up from a collection of stories may have been compiled over a long period.

To be useful information for other researchers who are interested in literature especially in research in prosepoem and feminisim aspects analysis, so they may conduct research on the same other topics based on the finding of this research.

Does the equalization of women is already happens in the era of Geoffrey Chaucer?

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An analysis of chaucers most popular work